Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gender Opposition

Why do some men and women hate and blame the opposite sex for their unhappiness? This is an age old problem that started in the Garden of Eden when Adam blamed the women for his personal choice to eat the forbidden fruit. The woman blamed the serpent for her personal choice to disobey God and eat the fruit. Today this blame game is still operating between men and women. When things are not going well in their relationships they blame one another.

Why is blame an enemy to the male/female union? Blame directs individuals away from personal responsibility. When a person transfers his/her responsibility for self to their partner, it causes resentment, bitterness and hatred.

To avoid blaming one another, partners must become accountable for their own well being. In other words, a wholesome relationship is not built on pointing the finger at one’s partner. This behavior puts too much responsibility on the other person; whereas, a united effort to resolve conflicts bring balance and unity to the relationship. This means the male/female connection involves two people working together for the longevity of a healthy union. Such unity eliminates all hatred and blame.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Stages In Developing A Healthy Male/Female Relationship

There are 3 stages one must encounter in order to develop a healthy relationship with that special someone.

The first stage is to build a loving relationship with your Creator. Why?

Because it is He that has made you and you did not make yourself. For this simple reason, He is the only one that knows the plan and purpose He has for your life. Without a genuine relationship with your Creator you will fail to meet that special someone. In reality, your Creator is the only one who unites couples in a well balanced union.

The second stage is getting to know you by being honest with yourself. Without being truthful to yourself you will forever be lost in the false self. The false self is the personality you created when you eliminated God’s truth from your life. The real you will appear when you start facing the truth about you. Many people avoid being truthful with themselves in an effort to avoid pain. Unknowing to them, these unresolved painful issues hinder their progress in life. How so? Pain and deception belongs to the laws of death. These laws bring poverty into every area of your life especially when there is an abundance of pain present in your soul. Poverty of the soul kills all progress. However, with God’s help you can face yourself and be healed. Afterwards, these blockages are removed and your life becomes prosperious.

The final stage is getting alone with others, especially that special someone. This fellowship is based on the successful work done in stages one and two. Once you faced the truth about yourself with the Creators help, you prepared yourself for other healthy relationships. Your healthy state of mind draws other vigorous people into your life. In fact, you only want to be around wholesome people. Once this happens, you are ready for that special partner.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You And Your Relationship

Why are men and women so unhappy within their relationships?  The answer is very simple.  Yet, people make it hard.  The answer is you must know the truth about yourself. Whatever you are looking for in another person you must first find it within yourself.  Once you find it within yourself you will draw into your life the partner that complements you. When a man or woman looks for another person to make him or her happy, the relationship journey becomes harder and harder.  Happiness is an inside job.  Therefore, when men and women discover and live this truth then they are ready for a healthy male/female relationship.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Truth about Relationships

Relationships are causing so many people pain and suffering. Are you among them? If so, this message is for you. Our creator never intended for the male and female relationship to be as complicated as it is today. Why is this happening? Scripture tells us that God spoke about complicated error when He said, "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge." In view of the fact that God loves humanity and desires to bless all individuals in every area of their lives, He gave humanity a secret door that leads into divine happiness. This door is called Truth. This door is the mind. This mind has the ability to understand divine things. It is filled with divine wisdom. God made it simple for those who are seeking Truth, but it is complicated to those who believe their view is all there is. For them there is no hope. They believe there is no hope. They believe they are living the best they can; therefore life will always be hard for them. This hidden door is the mind of God Himself. This is the mind that understands divine knowledge. It is there for those who desire a better life, for scripture say, "Seek and ye shall find knock and the door will be open unto you." This mind is the door into true knowledge. It is the mind that enlightens and stimulates the conscious of mankind to receive true information. This mind is called, the mind of Christ. It is a spiritual mind that has come into the world through human flesh. This mind is a gift from God wrapped in human flesh, not paper but flesh. Inside this gift is the greatest possession that a man or woman can obtain, if he or she opens the gift. Inside this gift is a present called, the Spirit of Truth. It leads men and woman into all truth, including the truth about relationships. You can have it for the asking. Then experience all that God has in store for you. This is the born again experience. It is the re birthing of the human mind. The human mind and its frailties are replaced with the divine mind of Christ; with the Christ mind human beings can understand and appreciate True Love. So be blessed by looking under the Christ Tree and receive your gift of spiritual Truth.